Two things that Basel has plenty of — restaurants and shopping.

There are several department-store-style places to shop, conveniently located — as so many things in town are — close to tram stops, and all with a grocery store right below the ground floor. Here are the main stops.

Globus bills itself as upscale shopping with a gourmet grocery store and restaurant. Their grocery store is located partly on the ground floor and one floor down, and in the rest of their department store you can find make up, clothing, accessories, household items, and more. There’s even a restaurant on the top story.

Globus Basel
Marktplatz 2 • 4001 Basel
Tel: +41 58 578 45 45
(Website in German and French.)

Shopping Hours
Mon – Wed: 09.00-18.30
Thurs – Fri: 09.00-20.00
Sat: 9.00-18.00

Another popular shopping destination, with two locations in Basel. The one closest to Basel centre is in Kleinbasel, right off the Rheingasse tram stop. You’ll find clothes for men, women, and children, toys, media, household goods and decorations, luggage, electronics, office and craft supplies, accessories and jewellery, and all the rest, and at the top of the store is a cafeteria-style restaurant called Manora with different lunch “stations” daily (pasta, fish, schnitzels, pizza, curry, salads) and a small outdoor play area for children. The restaurant overlooks the city’s rooftops and displays a vivid mural of Basel on one wall — a relaxing stop whether for lunch, dinner, or a quick afternoon tea and cake. Also home to the Manor grocery store, a slightly more expensive choice to Migros and Coop.

Greifengasse 22 • 4005 Basel
Tram Stop: Rheingasse
(Website in German, French, and Italian only.)

Shopping Hours
Mon – Fri: 08.30-20.00
Sat: 08.00-18.00

Coop City
A smaller all-in-one store located right near Marktplatz, this expanded site of one of Basel’s main grocers includes a small restaurant on the top floor, and a Coop grocery store. Also a spot you can find some Swiss memorabilia like specially packaged chocolates, t-shirts, baseball caps, pencils, etc.

Gerbergasse 4 • 4001 Basel

Shopping Hours
Mon – Wed: 08.30–18.30
Thurs – Fri: 08.30–20.00
Sat: 08.00–18.00

Also technically a Coop City, Pfauen is much larger than its Marktplatz sister store. It’s located on Freiestrasse and sells high-end cosmetics and perfumes in addition to all the many levels of fine department store goods. The top-story cafeteria also holds an indoor play area for children. Also a very popular lunchtime stop, so expect crowds until early afternoon. Coop grocery store below.

Freie Strasse 75 • 4002 Basel

Shopping Hours
Mon – Wed: 08.30–18.30
Thurs – Fri: 08.30–20.00
Sat: 08.30–18.00

Photo Credit: Von Chrisderheld – Eigeni Arbet