What kind of person are you: Ice cream or gelato? Frozen yoghurt or sorbet?

When the day is warm and the winter ice has melted away, when the Rhein is full of swimmers and the air is full of music, all that’s really missing is the perfect bite of something sweet. Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, yoghurt…in fancy cups or cones to go, ice cream in Basel is as much an art as summer itself.


Mövenpick (‘The Art of Swiss Ice Cream’) has long been famous for its ice cream innovations, all made with real Swiss cream. With new flavours practically every season, from berry sorbets in the summer to cinnamon swirl and Basler Läckerli in the winter, ice cream with Mövenpick is a year-round specialty. This year’s newest Summer Limited Edition is ‘Sour Cherry & Cream.’

Photo by Mövenpick
The Mövenpick restaurant in Basel, right at Markplatz, has a whole menu devoted to ice cream (Glace), with a variety of signature sundaes (Coupes). The Black Forest, the Coupe Denmark, the Honeymoon — all are beautifully presented with fresh fruit, thick whipped cream, chocolate or raspberry sauce, and their signature almond-brûlée cookies.

If you’re feeling brave, try the Tête-a-Tête, a meal in itself for two (or four!) with 6 scoops of ice cream topped with fruit and cream. It’s always fun to sit outside at their sidewalk café during the summer and watch the bustle of Markplatz, but the restaurant also has a stand outside with cones to go, for your walk by the Rhein.

Most agree that ice cream here is slightly on the expensive side, but sumptuously worth it! You can see a full list of what Mövenpick offers on their website, Unfortunately not all flavours are always available at the restaurant, but you might be able to find them at Coop.

Confiserie Schiesser

A long-established sweet shop in the center of Basel, right next door to Mövenpick, Confiserie Schiesser goes beyond truffles and marzipan to finger sandwiches and ice cream sundaes. Climb up the winding wooden staircase to their charming old-world tea room overlooking Marktplatz, or order downstairs at the sidewalk café. You can see the latest summer creations on their official Facebook page.

One of their best-loved specialties is the Mocha Eiscafé — rich coffee ice cream with cold coffee, vanilla, and cream fashioned after a prized recipe from 1870. On the way out, don’t forget to check downstairs in the shop for single-flavor ice cream cups to take home.

Confiserie Sprüngli

Confiserie Sprüngli, known for their one-of-a-kind Luxembergerli (bite-sized macaroons), is another confiserie that has made its mark with its own brand of unique homemade ice cream. Amid the chocolates, truffles, and pastries, you’ll find the ice cream smooth and the flavours intense. Basel has two Sprüngli locations: one on Güterstrasse, and the other on Steinenberg. The chocolate ice cream, of course, is a favourite.

Acero Basel

Cross the bridge to Kleinbasel to check out Eiscafé Acero, a gelateria at Rheingasse. With fruit sorbets, ice cream staples like chocolate and coconut, and some specials like maple syrup, the ice cream at Acero Basel is fresh and homemade with new flavors all the time. As a café, Acero also serves muffins, quiches, panini, and a wide selection of coffees, teas, and cold drinks. Usually selling waffles as well, with the start of the summer they have initiated something brand new — sweet, icy Almond Granitas, after a traditional Sicilian recipe.

10′ Dieci Gelateria Basel

Right on the Steinenvorstadt, across from the Kino Pathé,

10 Dieci
Photo by Dieci
is more of a fixed ice cream stand than a café. They have a good assortment of gelati that changes frequently and sells out quickly during these summer months. One of the best parts of ordering gelato is that you buy it by the cup size, not the scoop — meaning that the bigger the cup you buy, the more flavours you can order. It’s ideal for those of us who want to try them all (which, let’s face it, is all of us)! And if you think you may have seen a Dieci pizza courier driving around town at some point…you have. It’s part of the Dieci empire of pizza delivery, restaurants, and gelaterias all over Switzerland.

It’s impossible to list all the places to find good ice cream in Basel. Throughout the city you’ll come across lots of independent gelato carts, and there are many restaurants by the Rhein that have their own ice cream menus. But wherever you look, you’re sure to find just the right something sweet.

Tell us! What kind of person are you?

Basel offers a wide variety of outstanding restaurants and flavors. Here are some popular places for everything from traditional favorites like ‘Rösti’ and ‘Spätzli,’ to Italian, Indian, and more.



Jeffery’s Thai Restaurant

Largely held as the best Thai food in town, with a warm atmosphere and excellent cuisine.
Riehenring 77 • 4058 Basel
Tel: +41 61 681 30 70

Lily’s Stomach Supply

Thai, Chinese, Indian. Spicy and fresh, with long tables and family-style seating.
Rebgasse 1 • 4058 Basel
Tel: +41 61 683 11 11

Restaurant China King

A great lunch-time option.
Centralbahnstrasse 5• 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 272 28 28

Mr. Wong

Perhaps the most well-known Chinese restaurant in town, with two locations.
SBB Location
Centralbahnplatz 1 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 272 12 00

Barfüsserplatz Location
Steinenvorstadt 1 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 281 83 81

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Spalenvorstadt 9 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 261 99 93
Open 7 nights a week. Monday through Saturday from 11:30am to 2pm and 5:30pm till midnight. Open Sunday from 5:30pm.

Jay’s Indian Restaurant

Indian cuisine meets European style.
St Johann Vorstadt 13 • Basel

Tel: +41 61 681 3681

King’s Kurry

Basel location of the well-loved Zürich restaurant.
Stücki Shopping Centre
Hochbergerstr 70 • 4057 Basel
Tel : +41 79 627 22 62

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Mr. Pickwick Pub Basel

Several locations around Switzerland. A local favorite for televised football matches. You can watch American football too…but you may have to fight to get your channel! They also broadcast the Superbowl every year. (Caution: it ends very late, and you won’t get a tram after!)
Steinenvorstadt 13 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 281 86 87

Paddy Reilly’s Irish Pub

Great brews, good food, fun atmosphere. Be sure to try their Beef & Guinness pie! Check for Monday specials: Two entrees for the price of one.
Steinentorstrasse 45 • 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 281 33 36

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A lovely Rhein-view restaurant spanning two floors of beautiful scenery and colorful decor
Blumenrain 12 • 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 261 30 44

Ristorante Pizzeria Centro

Overlooking bustling Barfüsserplatz, this restaurant affords beautiful nighttime views of the city centre
Streitgasse 20 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 262 1130

Restaurant Latini

Falknerstrasse 31• 4001 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 261 34 43

Vapiano Basel

Multiple locations all over the world. Choose from any number of Italian specialties, in any combination: your favorite pasta matched with any sauce from the pasta bar; speciality ravioli or risotto; or pizza enough for two…or just for you. Season with fresh herbs growing right at your table!
Im Kirschgarten
Sternengasse 19 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 272 72 22

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Literally, “blink cow.” A truly unforgettable (if unseeable!) dining experience. Website available in German, English, and French.

Dornacherstrasse 192 • 4053 Basel 

Tel: +41 61 336 33 00

Mövenpick Restaurants

Brasserie Baselstab
Marktplatz 30 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 261 3100

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As its name suggests, you can fill your plate with a little of this and a little of that in this trendy, cafeteria-styled eatery. Great selection of unique iced teas. Offers special Sunday brunch. Perfect for any kind of meal, any time of day. Locations all over Switzerland, and one in London.
Stänzlergasse 4 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 205 39 99

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Basel is full of bakeries: everything you can imagine, whether Swiss, French, German, or Italian. There are several “chain” bakeries, with multiple locations all throughout the city. Each one offers something unique and unforgettable, and everyone has their own favorites. Here are some places you can discover yours.

Sutter Begg
Breads, pastries, croissants, schoggiwegli, and especially Basel’s famous smiley-face cookies…they have it all. If you like darker breads, the Pain Paillasse is hard to beat. For a lighter variety, try the braided Bärner Ankezopf or buttered Silserli rolls.

Confiserie Jonasch
Top-of-the-line Magenbrot, gebrannte Mandeln (sweet roasted almonds), gingerbread, toffee and much more.

Confiserie Schiesser
One of a kind, holds a shop downstairs and a large tea room upstairs, overlooking Marktplatz. Recommended are their Eiskaffees (Ice Coffees), and their windows are always full of tantalizing chocolates and intricately molded Marzipan. One of the pricier bakeries, but the location can’t be beat.
Marktplatz 19 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 261 60 77

Konditorei-Confiserie Gilgen
Just up the hill from Basel’s bustling Markplatz. Known for its excellent Zwätschgewaie, one of the best plum tarts you’ll find in Basel, and for some of the best toast bread you’ll find anywhere. Serving suggestion: straight from the toaster, with or without butter, topped with marmalade or a little lemon curd.
Spalenberg 6 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 261 6229

Confiserie Sprüngli Basel
One of Basel’s high-end bakery boutiques, well known throughout Switzerland, with a famous location on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. Specialize in Luxemburgerli, a unique bite-sized delicacy so good, they’re a registered trademark. And the word on the street is that their chocolate sorbet is to die for.
Upstairs in the shopping center of the Bahnhof SBB
Güterstrasse 115 • 4053 Basel

Confiserie Brändli
The smell of chocolate when you first walk in is intoxicating…
Barfüsserplatz 20• 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 261 7033

Kübler Backwaren
A haven of all kinds of breads and bakery staples.
Steinentorstr. 26 • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 281 62 32

Confiserie Bachmann
Artistic and gourmet, another of Basel’s finest bakeries. You’ll love the Schoggimakörnli, a rich chocolately creation that melts in your mouth.
Blumenrain 1 (opposite the Schifflände tram stop) • 4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 260 99 99

Photo credit: Sutterbegg